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My hobby :

I am a potter!

Today, it's not a trendy occupation.
Potter: this word slightly outdated and archaic reminds us of a time when potters would make useful articles: dishes, pots...and so on.

Today, it's quite different. Potters are still making dishes, but in factories! The potter I'm refering to, the one I'm identifying to is the art potter. No mass production, no speedy production, but only Art.

I make contemporary pieces, often unusual and colorful, but always unique. My imagination must always be alert, on the lookout for new ideas and forms.
When I make a bottle for instance, it might be quite different from a regular bottle, both in its shapes, its colors or its proportions. Besides, each bottle is different, hence the incessant effort of creativity.

The theme of my works, be it a bottle, a teapot or a bamboo, varies so much that the result is sometimes very distant from the original concept. Thus, a teapot may well swing around an unstable position, or a vase be split down to its base!
It does not mean that my items are useless, but rather that their utility side gives way to the artistic aspect.
In my view, the eye is clearly treated in a privileged way!



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