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I display my potteries at Home.

I'm sure you would say: " strange idee! You're not a gallerist!"

I agree, but outside the summer period, when most of my artworks are displayed in local exhibitions (Correze, Dordogne, Cantal), my pottery are at Home within numerous and cumbersome boxes.

That's why I have decided to embed them into my home decor, in agreement with their prime feature: to be more decorative than useful objects.

Now, don't think I'm selfish! If you are interested in my collection, just pop in, you're welcome round the year. Though, remember that in summer, it is best to visit my local exhibitions, which I sometimes hold with a painter.

Here's the result:


Caution, do not abuse of bottles!


When sitting near my pottery library, I really feel good!


In my sitting room, there are windows and doors on the north and the south sides, there is an old fireplace on the west side, another lounge on the east side, but for sure, there are pottery on every side you could look at!


A dinosaur egg for breakfast, would you enjoy it?


Elsewhere, a Korean jar on top of a Korean coffee table, what a match!


Looking at my collection of tea-pots, it could be easily thought that I'm expecting many people at home to drink tea! Nonsense... except if you decided to come to my Home at 4 PM!


To be cont'd...


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